Mad Dog Weprin


If there’s one word to describe David Weprin’s campaign strategy right now, it would be “attack.”

On Tuesday, his strategist, Hank Sheinkopf, attacked Melinda Katz for having a fund-raiser organized by real estate mogul Howard Milstein.

During a debate yesterday, Weprin went after David Yassky for saying he wants to get rid of member items, while still accepting them for his constituents.

This morning, a campaign spokesman sent out a statement about John Liu having sought other offices, prompted by a picture of him in the Daily News today standing behind a podium with a U.S. Senate seal.

While it’s true that the candidates have sniped about each other in the past, it just seems like a more sustained effort from the Weprin folks.

The spokesman who sent out the statement about Liu, Andrew Moesel, defended their aggressiveness.

“It’s always been our campaign strategy to show David Weprin is the best candidate for the office of NYC Comptroller. Part of that is demonstrating how the other candidates have serious problems that will detriment this city.
Whether it’s flip flopping hack Yassky or Real Estate lapdog Katz, voters should know everything about the candidate they are voting for.”

And just so I understood, Moesel Gchatted me after sending the statement to insist, “Make sure you use the hack and lapdog part.”

I left a message for Weprin—who is, personally, unusually soft-spoken and deliberate—to ask about his level of comfort with the statements of his spokespeople about his colleagues. I haven’t heard back yet.

Mad Dog Weprin