Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook, Now Serving 250 Million People

Mark Zuckerberg has a big celebratory blog post over on Facebook announcing the site’s milestone number: 250 million people! That’s 50 million more than three months ago, according to Mashable.

What does this mean for Facebook? World domination—or at least Internet domination. More users means more investors, more advertisers, more eyeballs and a higher valuation.

Mr. Zuckerberg wants to thank you for making it happen:

From the beginning, Facebook hasn’t been about building a website. Facebook is about all of the people using it and all of the things that are important to you. The 250 million of you on Facebook today are what gives Facebook life and makes the site meaningful to everyone using it, so we thank you.

Each person who joins makes Facebook better by adding a presence to the site that friends and family can connect with and feel closer to. For us, growing to 250 million users isn’t just an impressive number; it is a mark of how many personal connections all of you have made, and how far we at Facebook have to go to extend the power of connection to the billions of people around the world.

So maybe Mr. Zuckerberg still cares about the little people, if only for making his company so huge (and building applications on his platform to make it more fun)!

Here’s a video from the Facebook blog that illustrates the growth to 250 million people:

And if you want to review some Facebook history, check out their evolving mission statement. There’s also their official company timeline, stats and factsheet. Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook, Now Serving 250 Million People