Monmouth Dems push back on Guadagno

Monmouth County Democrats pushed back a bit against all the positive buzz today surrounding the selection of their county’s Republican sheriff, Kim Guadagno, to run for lieutenant governor on Chris Christie’s ticket.

“To best describe Kim Guadagno is to use the words ‘out of touch,’ said Mike Magnan. “She has never taken the time to learn or care about what the voters care about, and so far – in my opinion – has not been an effective sheriff as an advocate for the people of Monmouth County.”

The announcement comes a day after the Asbury Park Press reported that overtime in the sheriff’s office has risen by 40% over the last two months – a rise officials blame on 38 layoffs in the department. Guadagno opposed the cuts that forced the layoffs in her department, and wanted the local union to accept wage freezes that could have avoided them.

“She didn’t have a lot of choice there. But overall she has run that department about as efficiently as anyone could,” said Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon (R-Little Silver).

Magnan did not let her off so easily, however.

“All I would say to that is she is the sheriff,” he said.

Magnan also said that Guadagno, like Christie, “represents things that are out of the mainstream for people of New Jersey.”

“Chris Christie said himself this morning that they share pretty much every view,” he said.

Monmouth Dems push back on Guadagno