More Bergen support for Weinberg

HOLMDEL — The support among Bergen County Democrats for state Sen. Loretta Weinberg’s selection as lieutenant governor is strong, even from someone who once ran on a rival ticket.

Cid Wilson, a financial analyst who ran an unfinished campaign in 2007 against Weinberg Assembly allies Gordon Johnson (D-Englewood) and Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-Englewood) in the Democratic primary – and who even considered running against them again this year — said that Weinberg’s selection would help deliver the largest county in the state.

Of course, if Corzine wins and Weinberg ascends to the number two spot, her Senate seat will open up, giving Wilson another crack at it (Wilson said that it's "premature" to speculate about that, and that he wants to help with party building and the Governor's reelection).

Other Democrats who used to feud with Weinberg privately say that they would be happy to "get rid of her."

But Wilson professed genuine admiration for the Senator.

“I’ve always had nothing but admiration for Sen. Weinberg, and if she were chosen to be Lt Governor, I think it would be a positive for Bergen County. I think she would help the governor deliver the votes in such an important county,” he said.

Weinberg, for her part, said “I haven’t lobbied for myself and I don’t intend to start now.” When asked if a selection from Bergen County could sway a significant amount of voters there, Weinberg said “I guess it will. Everybody comes to the game with some constituency, with friends, with people who get excited because that person is on the ticket.” More Bergen support for Weinberg