Morning News Digest: July 17, 2009

Corzine was only a guest on ‘The Obama Show’

Governor Corzine got the invaluable Barack Obama photo-op, the onstage man-hug. But moments later, Corzine was relegated to an unplanned role — manservant. The president was halfway through peeling off his suit coat on the balmy PNC Bank Arts Center stage Thursday when the governor, grinning mischievously, stepped from behind to help. Corzine then hung it on a nearby guardrail. Governor Jeeves at the ready. The piece of unplanned stagecraft captured the undercurrent of Thursday’s visit. It was less of an Obama-to-Corzine’s-Rescue rally, and more of an Obama-to-the-Rescue-of-Obama’s-Health-Plan rally.  (Stile, The Record)

Leave the Apprentice to The Donald

“John McCain might be hearing ‘Hail to the Chief’ today were it not for his pick of Sarah Palin as his running mate. Palin brought charisma and conservatism to the Republican ticket. What she didn’t bring were the qualifications to become the leader of the free world in a failed heartbeat. Democrats wasted little time before labeling her Cruella de Vil on a bobsled. If Palin was toxic, Pinkett is radioactive. “Pinkett?” you ask. “Who is Pinkett?” Randal Pinkett was the winner on the fourth season of “The Apprentice” and may be Governor Corzine’s choice for lieutenant governor.” (Doblin, The Record)

New Fund-Raising Reality for New Jersey Governor

Of all the gloomy economic indicators since the Wall Street collapse, perhaps the most startling one seen by New Jersey residents is this: Gov. Jon S. Corzine with his hand out. (Halbfinger, The New York Times)

Gov. Jon Corzine seeks to raise $15M, owing to divorce, financial setbacks, report says

New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, who used his Wall Street-generated wealth to finance previous U.S. Senate and governor campaigns, is seeking to raise as much as $15 million to support his re-election bid, according to a report in The New York Times. (The Star-Ledger)

President Obama stumps for Corzine in key gubernatorial race

A year ago, Gov. Jon Corzine traveled the country to promote the election of Barack Obama. Today, the president came to New Jersey to return the favor — and bring a jolt of energy to the governor’s re-election bid. (Heininger and Margolin, The Star-Ledger)

N.J. Obama fans, Corzine try to get closer to President

Melanie Rodriguez walked back and forth in the sweltering heat today hawking President Barack Obama buttons outside the campaign rally for Gov. Jon Corzine at the PNC Arts Center in Holmdel. (Megerian, The Star-Ledger)

President Obama turns campaign stop into health care overhaul pitch

President Barack Obama returned to campaign-style rhetoric today, telling a political rally that inaction is not an option and urging allies to push for his overhaul of the nation’s health care system. (AP)

NRC launches special probe of Oyster Creek outage

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission started a special investigation Thursday into an emergency shutdown of the nation’s oldest nuclear power plant. (AP)

“Senior Freeze” tax relief checks should be arriving soon

Senior citizens and disabled residents who applied earlier this year for a state property tax relief program known as “senior freeze” will soon be receiving checks in the mail.’ (Reitmeyer, The Record)

Obama says Corzine has made tough choices

President Obama praised Governor Corzine, telling a room full of fellow Democrats at a party fundraiser Thursday that the governor has worked to right the state’s economy despite being hit harder than most other states. (Jackson, The Record)

Returning troops get celebration in Franklin Township

On Thursday township officials and VFW Post 2071 held a special celebration to honor the servicemen and women who recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. (Driscoll, Gloucester County Times)

Obama stumps for Corzine, tries to close gap in polls

President Barack Obama threw his star power behind Gov. Jon S. Corzine at a campaign rally Thursday, telling supporters that the Democratic governor is an accomplished leader who was tested by the “worst recession in half a century,” but who deserves another term. (Graber, Gloucester County Times)

Some in Gloucester Twp. protest Army center plan

A lone oak tree is the remnant of 11 woodland acres in Gloucester Township. Footholds nailed into the trunk once led to a treehouse where children played. (McKelvey, Inquirer)

N.J. judge dismisses Trump lawsuit

A New Jersey Superior Court judge yesterday dismissed a lawsuit filed by Donald Trump alleging he was financially damaged by an author whose book suggested Trump was simply a multimillionaire, not a billionaire. (Boyer, Inquirer)

Obama NJ speech uninsipired, in NY he rocked

My first reaction to President Obama’s New Jersey speech is, “Is that all there is?” (Ingle, Asbury Park Press)

Christie quick to counter Obama visit

Barack Obama hadn’t set presidential foot in New Jersey when the Christie for Governor campaign had a web ad up with Obama supporters who say they will vote for Chrsitie for governor. (Ingle, Asbury Park Press)

White-collar union questions promotion of Langford supporter

A city labor union recently amended an unfair labor charge to include a complaint about the recent promotion of a campaign worker for Mayor Lorenzo Langford. (Clark, Press of Altantic City)

2 officers remain hospitalized after Jersey City shootout

Police continue to hold vigil at a hospital for two officers critically wounded in a gun battle in Jersey City. (AP)

Most at Corzine rally came to see Obama

The event at the PNC Bank Arts Center was billed as a rally for the re-election of Gov. Jon S. Corzine, but the thousands of people in attendance Thursday made no secret about who they came to see. (Bowman, Courier News)

Sustainable future is focus for Cherry Hill

About 85 Cherry Hill residents, business owners, environmentalists and others are converging for three days this week to set a specific goals for local sustainability. (Smeltz, Courier-Post)

Tittel: Corzine is bizarre-o Obama when it comes to the environment

Sierra Club New Jersey Director Jeff Tittel continued his unrelenting assault on Gov. Corzine’s environmental record today. (Friedman, PolitickerNJ)

Cantor’s new mission in Middle East won’t hinder run for council, says Hornik

Although Councilman Jeff Cantor submitted a letter to the chair of the local Democratic Committee detailing his redeployment to the Middle East during an election year, Mayor Jon Hornik wants Cantor to remain on the ticket. (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ) Morning  News Digest: July 17, 2009