Morning Read: Bloomberg Vents About Albany, Felder Supports Green

“This is just total bull,” Michael Bloomberg said, on his weekly radio show, of critics who said the administration doesn’t want to negotiate on mayoral control. “Hiram Monserrate, I don’t know what the heck he wants.” Bloomberg also said, “They want to have a slush fund” for parents.

Chris Cillizza chides Bloomberg over his pronunciation of Sonia Sotomayor’s last name.

Cindy Adams hears Hillary Clinton is unhappy.

Carolyn Maloney has an edge over Kirsten Gillibrand in a Rasmussen poll.

Bill Thompson says the Mets owe the city $2 million.

Thompson slams the city Department of Buildings.

The city’s jobless rate hit 9.5 percent.

The Post editorial board picks up Simcha Felder’s not-so-flattering endorsement of Mark Green.

Here’s more on Miguel Martinez’s day in court.

“He began stealing almost from the day he arrived at the Council in 2002.”

Melissa Sklarz went to the White House and said, “I realized I was among friends.”

Mike Schenkler embraces Hiram Monserrate, but not Ann-Margaret Carrozza.

Monserrate says the chaos was worth it.

Community Board 2 “stonewalled” the Stonewall Veterans Association. Also, a “newswoman goes nuts.” [2nd item].

City Council candidate Pete Gleason once bothered the mother of his child. Information was provided by “a source unfriendly to Gleason. They were not supplied recently and it was not done as a direct or indirect effort on the part of any of the campaigns competing against Gleason.”

Readers debate whether George Smith or Gerry O’Brien is to blame for the petition fight in Brooklyn.

Helen Sears is happy with this year’s budget.

Here are photos from a Cy Vance event for young professionals.

Here’s a partial curtain-raiser on the Tom Ognibene race.

There’s blunt talk about race and identity in Flushing’s City Council race.

Readers react to the profile of anti-machine Council candidate Evan Thies.

And Eliot Spitzer hung out at 21 with Dan Rather.

Morning Read: Bloomberg Vents About Albany, Felder Supports Green