Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Raises, Espada’s Resume Service

Michael Barbaro has more on the raises given by Michael Bloomberg.

Thompson said his top aides won’t take a raise.

Hillary Clinton’s decision to not require foreign governments to pay New York City property taxes angers Michael Bloomberg.

“If such an order would not have had passed, several countries were planning to take reciprocal actions, which would have had resulted in the United States paying hundreds of millions of dollars.”

The Post editorial board has a different view.

Howard Wolfson said Bloomberg’s new party line helps him communicate with voters.

Bloomberg doesn’t understand why the NYPD is using typewriters.

Richard Aborn supporters raised the death penalty issue, which Leslie Crocker Snyder later decided to oppose.

Here’s video from the event.

Reader RyeMan thinks I'm trying to make "orange sauce" with a story about Carolyn Maloney and Robert Jereski.

Pedro Espada’s son is seeking resumes from people who want jobs with the state [2nd item].

The Post editorial board slams Christine Quinn for how her members spend taxpayer money.

A city employee used a fake parking permit.

The Daily News editorial board has fun at Kirsten Gillibrand’s expense.

Reid Epstein notes “If the chairmen of the state's two major political parties want to meet for lunch, they could both walk to a diner on Northern Boulevard.”

Goodbye wall of shame in Nassau.

Joye Browne says to keep your property taxes low by not appealing them.

Calorie postings split lawmakers in Rockland.

A Republican mayoral candidate in Peekskill criticized the Democratic incumbent “and her rubber-stamp council.”

And here's video of Bloomberg answering my question yesterday about why he hasn't had a campaign event where reporters can ask him questions in more than a month.

Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Raises, Espada’s Resume Service