Morning Read: Encouragement for Maloney, Frankness from Bloomberg

Charlie Rangel said, “I really don’t understand why President Obama got involved in our primary.”

The New York Post editorial board encourages Carolyn Maloney to run, and says “her positions on most major issues give us hives. But she has principles.”

“Carolyn Maloney will win the primary the same way Barack Obama won Iowa, not as the faux sure thing but as the outsider who stands for hope and change,” says a blogger.

Michael Bloomberg defended his record-setting campaign spending. “There’s nothing wrong with that as far as I can see.”

At the Working Families Party forum, Bloomberg didn’t tell them exactly what they wanted to hear.

Roy Edroso has more highlights.

Bloomberg, still frustrated with Albany.

Bill de Blasio makes the case for keeping the public advocate’s office, which he is running for.

Simcha Felder’s plan to get rid of the office is “unworthy of a comment,” said Mark Green’s spokeswoman.

Betsy Gotbaum’s spokeswoman said, “It seems that Simcha Felder has resumed his role as cooing pet pigeon to the mayor and speaker.”

According to John Liu, the M.T.A. wasted $250 million.

After two staffers plead guilty to stealing public money, Kendall Stewart said, “If they could, don’t you think they would have brought charges against me?”

Karen Koslowitz says, “Google my name.”

Ann-Margaret Carrozza said she lived for five months in Broooklyn in 2001. The Queens D.A.’s office won’t investigate her residency issue.

Winnie McCroy covers the lesbian march.

Ray Kelly reassigns some rookies.

William Murphy gets an earful from Tom Suozzi.

“My job hasn’t changed,” said Joel Klein.

Some parents say they have less input with the newly reconstituted Board of Education.

Dominic Pisciotta easily won re-election as president of CB 3 in Manhattan.

The Daily News editorial board fondly remembers Randi Weingarten’s tenure.

Rezoning Astoria is not so easy.

And pictured above is Michael Bloomberg meeting, casually, with FEMA officials.

Morning Read: Encouragement for Maloney, Frankness from Bloomberg