Morning Read: Flight of the Homeless, Fight for the Markowitz Primary

Hillary Clinton has $3 million in campaign funds and eight political operatives on her payroll.

“Another day, another Kirsten Gillibrand flip-flop,” writes the New York Post editorial board.

“He doesn’t seem to be able to distinguish when the idealism stops and the practical begins,” Simcha Felder said in a profile of Tony Avella.

Eva Moskowitz continues her fight with the U.F.T.

Here’s more on Bill de Blasio being reinstated to the ballot.

Lee Landor defends her comments about Henry Louis Gates.

The Post hopes Landor’s position stays unfilled.

In the comments section, Arthur Gregory defends the signature-gathering technique which got him kicked off the ballot.

George Arzt expects Alan Gerson to be reinstated to the ballot.

Marty Markowitz is trying to get his only primary opponent kicked off the ballot.

Eric Gioia wants there to be an independent monitor for hospitals.

Mickey Carroll rejects Howard Wolfson’s explanation for the Quinnipiac poll results showing Bill Thompson gaining on Bloomberg.

Lisa Colangelo runs through the list of union endorsements.

Felder will introduce today his bill to eliminate the public-advocate’s office.

Peter Rivera wants Anthony Seminerio’s seat filled in the general election.

Former New York City Councilman Charlie Millard had plenty of people lobbying him at his job overseeing $50 billion in pensions.

The city has flown more than 550 homeless families out of the city to stay with relatives.

The Guardian takes note of the arrangement.

The city is getting more federal money to hire police than it was counting on.

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Ruben Diaz Jr. wants national medical companies to open up shop in the Bronx.

Queensboro Plaza and environs prepare for a $75 million makeover.

Boldface names will be at Richard Aborn’s fund-raiser tonight.

And here’s video from The New York Times explaining why it’s important to read newspapers. Morning Read: Flight of the Homeless, Fight for the Markowitz Primary