Morning Read: Making Money Off Car-Free Zones

Those car-free plazas on Broadway ease traffic, but also generate money for the city.

The city made its 200th mile of bike-only lanes.

Bill Thompson slammed the no-bid contract to sell food at the High-Line, saying it’s a “back-room deal.”

E.J. McMahon looks at the “pension bomb” waiting to explode.

Steven Greenhouse writes about “the biggest, nastiest surge of labor fratricide in decades.”

Matthew Vadum has a lengthy story in the American Spectator slamming ACORN.

Toxic fish!

Here’s more on the socialist mayoral candidate Frances Villar.

Page Six explains how Michael Bloomberg’s raised led to speculation about Brangelina.

And pictured above is public-advocate candidate Norman Siegel at a forum at Fordham Law School. He and the other public advocate candidates are attending a forum this morning at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Morning Read: Making Money Off Car-Free Zones