Morning Read: Maloney’s Apology, Bloomberg’s Meaning

Anybody in New York politics not speak Yiddish?

A lawyer will probe Michael Bloomberg’s relationship to Bloomberg L.P. when he gives a deposition in a discrimination suit next week.

Jennifer Fermino carries the story about Carl Kruger demanding an apology from Bloomberg over the Chamberlain comment.

Bloomberg’s spokesman said the mayor didn’t hear a question about whether he meant to compare state senators to Nazis.

Bloomberg, like the rest of us, sometimes has bad cell phone reception.

Bloomberg’s plan for the marine terminal in Sunset Park would be a “facelift” for the area.

Carolyn Maloney’s fund-raiser with Bill Clinton gets overshadowed by the news about her apology for repeating the N-word.

Liz Benjamin writes that Maloney “can’t afford another one” of these gaffes.

“[A]n unbecoming, intemperate lapse,” is how the Daily News editorial board described it.

The apology makes it to CNN.

Christine Quinn is endorsing Maria Baez, but Bill Thompson isn’t.

Domenic Recchia threatens to kill Coney Island plans.

Tony Avella wonders why his colleagues don’t show up for work as much as he does.

Ed Koch is recovering nicely.

Five-year-olds could start to get school tests.

1199 SEIU is forgoing a 3 percent raise in order to protect pension benefits.

Sunnyside residents fear a blackout.

Tom Suozzi expects 500 union workers to be off the county’s payroll.

Orangetown voters will decide whether to extend terms from two to four years.

Bloomberg paid tribute to teacher-turned-author Frank McCourt.

Bloomberg said McCourt died “far too soon.”

The Boston Globe workers agreed to pay cuts.

And here’s footage from Bloomberg’s press conference in Brooklyn yesterday, where he defended his donations to local political parties.

Morning Read: Maloney’s Apology, Bloomberg’s Meaning