Morning Read: Money for Police, Monitoring FaceBook

Carolyn Maloney is now Hamlet on the Hill.

The city isn’t getting federal money for police officers because crime is too low here.

Bloomberg said it was “disappointing, to put it mildly.”

“We shouldn’t be penalized for succeeding,” said Ray Kelly.

Bloomberg uses Bill Thompson’s words during a meeting of the Financial Control Board.

The Epoch Times covered a mayoral forum on women’s issues Monday night.

New York City spent $16,195 per pupil in 2007, compared to the national average of $9,666.

Washington Republicans basically give Mike McMahon a pass.

Pedro Espada and John Sampson trashed Bloomberg while dining at Prime Grill, Page Six says.

One of Espada’s sons gets fined for attacking Rafael Martinez-Alequin.

Scott Stringer’s aide Lee Landor resigned after writing critical statements about the Henry Louis Gates arrest and Barack Obama on FaceBook.

Landor’s FaceBook page is now deactivated.

360 maintenance and cleaning jobs will be cut from NYC Transit.

There are tougher rules at city homeless shelters.

Jimmy Vacca wants ferry service in the Bronx.

Bob Kappstatter sees deep meaning in a Bronx City Council race involving Carl Heastie.

Some conservatives don’t want Democrat Andrew Spano on their party line.

Richard Aborn vows to crack down on wrongful convictions at the Manhattan DA’s office.

There’s resistance to the city’s electronic recycling effort.

The dogs of Gantry Park are no more.

Mort Zuckerman’s cell phone briefly disrupted his appearance on Morning Joe.

And here’s video from a public advocate forum organized by Brooklyn for Barack and moderated by former Times reporter Jonathan Hicks.

Morning Read: Money for Police, Monitoring FaceBook