Morning Read: Rethinking the Mayoral Control Deal, 22 Calls Per Vote

Michael Bloomberg said the cop shot in Queens this weekend is likely to make a full recovery.

Jacob Gershman goes undercover and spots a sign in Bloomberg’s campaign office: “STATISTICS SHOW THAT 22 PHONE CALLS = 1 ADDITIONAL VOTE.”

Sheldon Silver threw a monkey wrench into the new agreement on mayoral control announced by Bloomberg and Senate Democrats.

Silver said his conference will consider the new deal by September “at the earliest.”

Adam Lisberg wonders what else, beside idling security cars, Bloomberg doesn't notice.

A Bloomberg aide got hitched.

A Bloomberg aide tweets.

Courtney Gross writes, “[Tony] Avella, an Abba fan who can't remember the last time he read a book, hasn't taken a vacation since being elected. But he isn't campaigning full time either.”

Charles Hynes needs more seats for his interns.

Andrew Cuomo is investigating Ann-Margaret Carrozza’s residency issue.

Kirsten Gillibrand and Carolyn Maloney don’t have as much "star power" as other New York senators, according to some people.

Here’s an invite to an August 17 Gillibrand fund-raiser.

The city is moving 91 schools to new locations.

Robert Morgenthau says Plaxico Burress will do jail time.

A campaign worker on Long Island was arrested for handing out material within 100 feet of a polling station.

There’s a fight for the Independence Party in Putnam.

Paul Krugman wonders if Blue Dog Democrats really want to sink health care, and the Obama presidency.

Eric Gioia thanks volunteers for knocking on doors and phone-banking.

City Council candidate John Choe wants American troops out of Korea, whose people he said are struggling against America and the U.S. military.

A fake parking permit from the “Citizens Protection Administration” works like the real thing.

Stop advertising to hypochondriacs.

An ancient artifact is discovered in the bowels of City Hall.

Elizabeth Benjamin had a fun weekend. “I had nightmares in which radioactive squid sucked me to my watery grave on race day.”

  Morning Read: Rethinking the Mayoral Control Deal, 22 Calls Per Vote