Morning Read: Thompson Gets W.F.P., Gerson Gets Swine Flu

Bill Thompson got the Working Families Party endorsement, giving Michael Bloomberg one of his “few political losses this year.”

“[I]t would have been quite a sell out to see these folks do anything but endorse Thompson,” writes Richard Lipsky.

The vote was “very close,” says Liz Benjamin.

Bloomberg said during his radio show that he’ll “unfreeze” the hiring freeze. Bloomberg cautioned against “special interests” getting involved if there’s a constitutional convention for the state [no link].

“Our first responders should never be first on the chopping block,” Peter Vallone Jr. said of the hiring freeze.

That’s because the Senate passed the sales tax increase Bloomberg sought.

Dan Squadron said he has a commitment that mayoral control will pass the Senate.

Bloomberg said cops involved in a shooting on the Upper East Side acted appropriately.

Tony Avella has a problem with a local community board.

This Queens reader is unsure who to vote for.

“I’m ready to take this experience to the Senate,” Carolyn Maloney told the Queens Tribune.

“She has earned the right to run for Senate,” writes Mike Schenkler.

City Hall has more on the public advocate’s debate yesterday.

Bill Bratton had a conference call with Richard Aborn supporters. They also note Bratton’s connection to Aborn opponent Leslie Crocker Snyder.

Bratton won’t rule out murder in Michael Jackson’s death.

Brian Rafferty has a photo of the place Ann-Margaret Carrozza is renting in Bayside.

Gersh Kuntzman wonders if candidates for David Yassky’s seat understand public schools if their kids go to private school.

Kuntzman asks the question to the people running for Bill de Blasio’s seat too.

Ruben Diaz Jr. faces a “very early test” because of Kingsbridge Armory development.

What is Diaz’s predecessor doing in Washington?

Eric Schneiderman talks about the Armory project.

Sikhs want Joel Klein’s help to stop bullying.

Duncan Osborne looks at whether Barack Obama should repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Sheldon Silver said going to arbitration over development at the World Trade Center site will lead to more delays.

Alan Gerson had swine flu.

GothamWars doesn’t like the contract process at the High Line.

Rupert Murdoch lets his Brooklyn reporters run wild.

A friend of Sonia Sotomayor says, “I always joke that her vision does not extend beyond the Hudson River.”

The Irish are migrating to New York again.

Morning Read: Thompson Gets W.F.P., Gerson Gets Swine Flu