Morning Read, Upstate: A Poll Shows Unhappiness, The Amigos Lunch

David Paterson will enter negotiations with Larry Silverstein over stalled progress at the World Trade Center.

Three-fourths of New York voters are "angry" with the State Senate, a new poll finds.

It also shows more than 50 percent of voters support David Paterson's appointment of a lieutenant governor.

Bill Hammond is encouraging people to run for seats in the chamber, saying "at long last, it seems, voters are ready to throw their bum out."

Some state senators raised money during the five-week leadership struggle that ground legislative business to a halt.

State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. didn't spend nearly as much campaign money as he raised.

"Pollo con Bloomberg," Espada told Mike Daly yesterday when asked what he would be ordering during a lunch with other members of the "four amigos."

Representative Carolyn Maloney repeated a racial slur as part of an anecdote, then apologized.

Liz says she can't afford to do this, because she's "in the big leagues now."

Comptroller Tom DiNapoli says the state garnered $305 million less than expected in the last quarter.

Some pot-smoking, snooze-on-the-job janitors racked up $28,400 in overtime last year.

1199 is forgoing a scheduled raise.

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco is suggesting that rich criminals pay the cost of their incarceration.

Albany voted to become a sanctuary city for immigrants.

Consolidating school districts near Buffalo could save $133 million a year, a new study finds.

RochesterTurning thinks State Senator Joe Robach should support same-sex marriage.

Two bills making the Empire Zone program more business-friendly passed the State Senate.

Andrew Cuomo won a $350,000 settlement from a bridal center.

Representative Chris Lee thinks cap-and-trade legislation will raise taxes on gas and home heating oil.

And below, Representative Scott Murphy explains why he supported it:

Morning Read, Upstate: A Poll Shows Unhappiness, The Amigos Lunch