Morning Read, Upstate: Bruno’s Legal Bills, $5,000 Plates in Buffalo

Jay Walder will be nominated to lead the M.T.A.

He has experience in London and even worked for the M.T.A. for a while.

A vote on a school governance bill was promised in writing to State Senator Daniel Squadron.

The News says there should be a vote on the bill without any amendments.

"If there was anything we learned from this month, it's that there is a lot of uncertainty," said Patricia Salkin, director of the government law center at Albany Law School, said of the State Senate's rules.

The real winners in the Senate fight? Albany's restaurants and bars.

Senators' agenda for a Wednesday session deals with New York City issues.

Lawyers are gearing up to hear a challenge to the constitutionality of Richard Ravitch's appointment as lieutenant governor on Wednesday.

Former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno used $441,373 of campaign cash to pay lawyers defending him on federal corruption charges.

With the appointment of Nassau County Chairman Jay Jacobs to lead the New York Democratic Party, "all paths to Albany now lead through Long Island," Suffolk Chairman Richard Schaffer said. (It's also interesting to note that Jacobs has already endorsed Kirsten Gillibrand.)

Kirsten Gillibrand is offering an amendment to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Rick Lazio thinks New York should move to a unicameral legislature.

Democrats will hold a $5,000-a-plate fund-raiser in Buffalo.

Andrew Cuomo is considering an investigation into how Goldman Sachs was able to book profits this quarter, having escaped the larger financial meltdown.

David Paterson signed an extension of the Power for Jobs program, to the relief of many businesses and local governments.

And below, Gillibrand's enthusiastic introduction of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor: Morning Read, Upstate: Bruno’s Legal Bills, $5,000 Plates in Buffalo