Morning Read, Upstate: Man-Caves and Wrist-Slaps

The man-cave cave men are heading toward a felony prosecution.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand will have hearings on Don't Ask Don't Tell.

State Senator Kevin Parker, who was facing felony charges for roughing up a Post photographer, looks like he's getting what the photographer calls a "wrist slap."

One of State Senator Pedro Espada Jr.'s sons, Alejandro, has to pay $342 for breaking a blogger's camera.

David Steiner was appointed the new commissioner of education.

New York spends more per public school pupil than any other state.

Representative Carolyn Maloney has still not formally announced a primary challenge to Kirsten Gillibrand.

The Times Union is mad that, six months later, David Paterson's campaign has not yet reimbursed the state for air travel to the inauguration.

An upstate judge is in trouble for calling Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver a "slug."

The Post praised Silver for not trusting the State Senate's deal on school governance.

Espada's office suite is growing.

Jim Kelly is ready to run for John McHugh's congressional seat as a Conservative.

Rochester officials are going straight to Washington in search of money for the Renaissance Square project.

Some Conservative Party activists in Westchester are suing to have County Executive Andrew Spano removed from their ballot line.

Representative Eric Massa says he's not worried about an electoral challenge.

Tom DiNapoli met with the chairwoman of the SEC to talk about banning placement agents before pension funds.

State Senator Bill Larkin said raises at the Port Authority are "outrageous."

Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava can't easily use money from her Assembly campaign account in her run for Congress.

And below, Tom Suozzi and David Paterson urge a quick review of the Lighthouse Project:

Morning Read, Upstate: Man-Caves and Wrist-Slaps