Morning Read, Upstate: Mayoral Control Goes Nowhere, Paterson’s Dog Bites

Negotiations to approve legislation re-authorizing mayoral control of schools broke down, and senators went home.

Democrats instead took up an anti-mayoral control bill. It failed by a vote of 40-15.

This is the latest rock on Michael Bloomberg's bumpy road in Albany.

State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. got over $2 million in pork.

The Post says that in light of this efficiency, "calling this a circus just doesn't do it justice."

The money was allocated between parties with Democrats getting over nine times more than Republicans.

Clyde Haberman says Jay Walder should focus more on trains than Oyster.

Barack Obama spoke to the NAACP last night, lauding its work but saying "make no mistake, the pain of discrimination is still felt in America."

"Where he spoke about race, it was vintage Obama," Errol Louis writes. "Thoughtful, dense, nuanced – and, in many respects, less about race than about the all-American themes of hope, equality and opportunity."

David Paterson's dog, Cheerio, is a biter.

The State Senate approved a ban on text messaging while driving.

Rules changes adopted in that chamber early Thursday place term limits on leaders.

Representative Scott Murphy raised a lot of campaign money.

Shaun Morris dropped out of the Albany mayor’s race.

The federal government says New York isn't spending stimulus money fast enough.

Criminal prosecutors are reviewing complaints about improper spending by Tom Golisano's political action committee.

And below, Republican senators calling for action on school governance legislation:

Morning Read, Upstate: Mayoral Control Goes Nowhere, Paterson’s Dog Bites