Morning Read, Upstate: Monserrate’s Trial Proceeds, The Budget Has a Hole

Facing a $2.1 billion deficit, New York is expanding buyout incentives to more workers.

The current fiscal course means a key state fund could actually run out of money by November.

The night before the announcement, David Paterson put in an appearance at a party in a club.

The assault trial of State Senator Hiram Monserrate will proceed, including a video his lawyers tried to suppress.

Dan Maffei, among other freshman Democrats, is worried about becoming a political victim of health care reform.

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo counted the bonuses paid to Wall Streeters last year, then inveighed against them.

The State Senate is set to return next week.

After a round of questions, a four-judge panel ruled that Richard Ravitch can serve as lieutenant governor, for now, but not preside over the Senate.

"We should be moving forward with dynamic new candidates," Rudy Giuliani told a breakfast meeting yesterday. "But the party at some point stopped developing."

Representative John McHugh had few problems in his confirmation hearing to be secretary of the Army.

Al D'Amato's firm got a large no-bid contract from the cash-strapped New York City OTB.

Gannett asked Congressional representatives what local jobs were created by stimulus funds.

Kirsten Gillibrand was endorsed by CSEA.

And below, Representative Louise Slaughter offers a simple message to help New York's dairy farmers:

Morning Read, Upstate: Monserrate’s Trial Proceeds, The Budget Has a Hole