Morning Read, Upstate: No Pay, No Holiday Weekend for Senators

Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has initiated the process of not paying state senators until they resolve their leadership dispute.

The freeze takes effect next Wednesday.

The Post is worried about the effect on separation of power.

The News is happy that its ‘don’t pay the bums’ campaign has worked.

David Paterson is now trying to mediate the dispute.

John Sampson has a reticent demeanor.

Michael Bloomberg ripped him Thursday for not acting to reauthorize school governance legislation.

In a story about state senators’ Fourth of July plans, Marty Golden proposes a drinking contest to settle the dispute.

Senator Bill Stachowski plans to catch up on his “computer mail.”

Dick Brennan has winners and losers in Albany.

Steve Levy wants to sue his way to a solution in Albany.

Joe Mesi, the former Democratic candidate for State Senate, resigned Thursday from the patronage job the Democrats had carved out for him.

Andrew Cuomo is touring the state talking about how citizens can consolidate local governments.

Bill Clinton is holding a fund-raiser for Carolyn Maloney.

Representative Charlie Rangel is defending her right to run.

And below, Stachowski talks about why he and other senators should be paid:

Morning Read, Upstate: No Pay, No Holiday Weekend for Senators