Morning Read, Upstate: Scozzafava Picked, Ravitch Unfrozen

Shockingly, State Senator Pedro Espada Jr.'s campaign finance filings appear incomplete.

On the third ballot, Reublicans chose Assemblywoman DeDe Scozzafava as their candidate to replace John McHugh in Congress.

"My job right now is get out there, get the wind in my sails and start meeting people," Scozzafava said.

Irene Liu has a good list here of the implications of Scozzafava's run.

At the same time, Republicans launched an offensive against presumptive Democratic candidate Darrel Aubertine.

An appellate judge stayed an earlier injunction that would have prevented Richard Ravitch from serving as lieutenant governor.

The judge—who was appointed by David Paterson earlier this year—will hear arguments on Monday.

The S.E.C. has adopted a code of conduct to prevent pay-to-play scandals.

Representative Mike Arcuri is still undecided on a proposed health care restructuring.

E. J. McMahon says Paterson has been pretty good to labor unions.

One of Paterson's vetoes is causing a 16.5 percent tax increase in Highland Falls.

Rod Watson isn't sure the anger at the State Senate will sustain itself until Election Day.

New York City OTB may declare bankruptcy.

The state is evaluating bids to put video slots at Aqueduct Race Course.

In her bid to visit all the campuses in the system, SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher met Wednesday with officials in Rochester.

Andrew Cuomo is suing debt collectors.

And below is State Senator Carl Kruger, talking tough about school governance:

Morning Read, Upstate: Scozzafava Picked, Ravitch Unfrozen