Morning Read, Upstate: Silver on Schools

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver did not sign off on passing amendments critical to a school governance deal in the State Senate.

"If the Assembly doesn't vote on our amendments, we're not bringing up the main bill," State Senator Shirley Huntley said. "Why should we?"

Democratic county chairs and labor officials will meet tomorrow in Kingston to discuss the 2010 ticket and pending legislation.

Republican contributor and former MTA head Peter Kalikow endorsed Andrew Cuomo for governor, "unless the Republicans get their act together and show me someone who is better."

David Paterson's campaign spends lavishly?

Did Chuck Schumer try to speak at an event where Carolyn Maloney was headlining?

"It's like the Mets have taken over," said Bill Cunningham of the potential primary between Maloney and Kirsten Gillibrand.

Kerry Kennedy's rebuttal only strengthens Cindy Adams' feeling that she's focusing her energies on Albany politics.

Cuomo is examining whether Assemblywoman Ann-Margaret Carrozza lives in her Queens district.

Disgusted with recent events, Stephen Salup vowed to run a primary against State Senator Craig Johnson.

State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. is expanding into adjacent Capitol offices.

The News wants a decision about the validity of Richard Ravitch's appointment.

Republicans are sharpening their knives against Representative Eric Massa.

Paterson signed a bill that extends tax breaks to veterans.

Chips of brick might be falling of the State Comptroller's building.

Republicans raised a lot more money than Democrats in Oneida County.

Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito used campaign money to fund a trip to the inauguration.

And below, here's a video of State Senator Shirley Huntley speaking about mayoral school control last week: Morning Read, Upstate: Silver on Schools