Morning Read, Upstate: Still Battling Over School Control

The selection of Jay Jacobs to lead the state Democratic Party is of concern to Andrew Cuomo, Liz writes.

Where has the State Senate’s sense of decorum gone?

There's another lawsuit pending against staffers in the chamber, dealing with the wrongful termination of Jean Pierre.

The four amigos in the State Senate ripped Michael Bloomberg as a "dictator" for his position on school-governance authorization that never passed in the chamber. Senator Bill Perkins, who is African-American, accused Bloomberg of "treating us like we're some people on his plantation."

"This group calling for civility is like Bernie Madoff calling for better accounting standards," said Bill Cunningham, a longtime Bloomberg adviser, of the amigos.

Senators also left town without acting on property-tax relief and other issues.

"How stupid we were," the News writes, noting the praise it heaped on reforms the chamber enacted.

The Times Union's Casey Seiler offers himself for sale.

Alan Chartock says Paterson should be proud of his role breaking the Senate stalemate, and has a good legal argument to make about Richard Ravitch.

Former Lt. Governor Stan Lundine tells Fred Dicker it's illegal.

Republicans launched a blitz to re-take the Nassau County legislature.

Near Buffalo, insurgent candidates quickly grew disenchanted.

Forty states are competing for high-speed rail funding.

Money supposedly for the Monroe County Independence Party was funneled to its chair.

Horse breeders want to get a Racino up and running at Aqueduct race track.

Chuck Schumer is vowing to defeat a bill that would force states to honor concealed-weapons permits issued elsewhere.

And below, state senators defending raises for staffers at a fund-raiser in Buffalo:

Morning Read, Upstate: Still Battling Over School Control