Murphy Makes a Show of Fund-Raising

ALBANY—Here's a glimpse into Representative Scott Murphy's campaign strategy moving forward: show you can raise lots of money, fast, and hope that, despite the party enrollment disadvantage, potential Republican opponents will be scared off.

Murphy raised $363,151 during this quarter, and according to his chief of staff Todd Schulte, has raised $567,000 since April 1, when he narrowly defeated Assemblyman Jim Tedisco.

Murphy also established a joint account with the New York Democratic State Committee, which raised around $310,000 to spend on the post-election recount battle. The final tally had Murphy winning by some 700 votes. A spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called the fast raising "unprecedented."

This leaves Murphy with $285,191 on hand, of which $250,000 is money he loaned himself after first declaring his candidacy. That almost matches the $336,412 that Representative Eric Massa, another freshman headed for a tough election cycle, has in the bank.

Murphy's spokeswoman Maggie McKeon said in a statement that "the support he has received since the beginning is both a testament to his message as a small businessman dedicated to creating jobs, and to his strength as a candidate."

Murphy Makes a Show of Fund-Raising