Murray: Obama visit is about the base

President Barack Obama is coming to stump for Governor Jon Corzine tomorrow because Corzine has a “base problem,” according to Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray.

Murray wrote a blog post today previewing the Monmouth University/Gannett poll set for release tomorrow – the day Obama comes to Monmouth County to stump for Corzine. The poll results, he said, show the Governor running “relatively weak” with key groups in the Democratic base.

“Obama’s job tomorrow is to link Corzine’s fortunes to his own. In other words, Obama’s message to the Democratic base will be ‘If you don’t vote for Corzine, you’re dissing me,’ he wrote.

Murray also noted that Obama’s approval among independents in New Jersey is not enough to give Corzine a boost with that group, and even hinted that his own poll shows it could have the opposite effect.

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Murray: Obama visit is about the base