NJEA endorses Corzine

The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) today endorsed Governor Jon Corzine for reelection.

"When it comes to this state's commitment to public education, Jon Corzine gets it,” said NJEA president Joyce Powell.

The endorsement, made unanimously by the NJEA PAC’s 125-member Operating Committee, does not come as a surprise, as Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie declined to seek it. The group hasn’t endorsed a Republican gubernatorial candidate since 1985, when Tom Kean, Sr. cruised to reelection.

Powell said that the most important factor in the decision was Gov. Corzine’s refusal to cut K-12 public education spending, despite having to cut other areas of the budget.

“Despite governing during one of the most challenging periods in recent New Jersey history, Governor Corzine has been a steadfast advocate for great public schools,” she said.

NJEA endorses Corzine