NY-23: The Democratic Bench

Now that State Senator Darrel Aubertine is out of the running, here's a quick review of the other potential Democratic candidates to replace John McHugh in Congress:

–Daniel French, a former federal prosecutor and aide to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, considered by many to be one of the strongest choices.  He would offer a firm contrast to Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, the Republican designee. though he is less well known than she is in the district. French has not confirmed he will run, telling the Watertown Daily Times that Aubertine's dropping out "creates an unexpected opportunity that I need to discuss with my family."

–Brian McGrath, a lawyer from Manhattan who was born in the district. He announced he was interested in the seat, and has cash.

–Assemblywoman Addie Russell, who took Aubertine's seat in the state's lower legislative chamber, is "pushing" once again now that he's out. Like Scozzafava, she is among the more left-leaning of her party's prospective candidates.

–Bob Johnson, a doctor and former Republican who has run against McHugh before. During one campaign, he had problems when his name appeared on the do-not-fly list.

–Michael Oot, a lawyer, who ran against McHugh most recently.

Sean Hennessey, the Jefferson County Democratic chairman, said that chairs of the 11 county organizations will have a conference call Tuesday to discus the best way of moving forward.

NY-23: The Democratic Bench