O’Toole compares Christie and Corzine selection processes

It’s been less than two hours since Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie announced his pick of Monmouth County Sheriff Kim Guadagno for lieutenant governor, but a Republican narrative has already begun to take shape comparing the way Christie and Gov. Corzine have gone about their search to fill the number two spot on the ballot.

It goes like this: Christie focused early on a shortlist of candidates, quietly and methodically vetting them based on their merits. Corzine, the narrative goes, spastically floated trial balloons about candidates that ranged from veteran legislators to a political neophyte most famous for his role on a reality television show, apparently taking the feedback of other prominent Democrats and interest groups into account.

The GOP spin was expressed succinctly this morning by state Sen. Kevin O’Toole (R-Cedar Grove), who in a phone interview called Corzine’s selection process a “three ring circus.”

“I think you’ve got to admire the way that Christie’s people professionally vetted,” he said. “They weren’t sending out trial balloons every 13 seconds, like somebody from ‘Survivor’… I thought that was really a preposterous way for people to be parading themselves in a contest on [PolitickerNJ].”

O’Toole was referring to lieutenant governor talk about businessman Randal Pinkett, who won Season 4 of “The Apprentice” – not “Survivor” — and state Sen. Barbara Buono’s (D-Metuchen) email to supporters asking them to vote for her in an unscientific PolitickerNJ.com poll.

O’Toole was also enthusiastic about the choice itself, calling it “outstanding.”

“I think part of it really is that when you look at Chirs’s campaign, you’re going to have to run against the status quo…. You’ve got to run against Trenton, really. And from that point of view it’s a very smart and logical choice,” he said.

O’Toole compares Christie and Corzine selection processes