Paid Maloney Supporter, Paid Maloney Strategist

Back on June 24, Democratic consultant Joe Trippi blogged on the Huffington Post  about how polls showed Representative Carolyn Maloney would make a much better, and more viable, candidate for U.S. Senator than Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and said that he hoped she "does decide to enter the race."

Trippi later added the following update to his post:

"Full disclosure, as many of you know, I have been publicly supportive of Carolyn Maloney beyond this one post and I have discussed her potential candidacy with her personally. If she runs – which I hope she does since she'd be a great Senator – I'd be honored to work on her campaign."

It was a disclosure, but not quite a full one. According to Maloney's campaign filing, Trippi was already on her payroll. Records show that Maloney had cut Trippi's firm, Joe Trippi & Associates, a check for $10,500 on June 5.

When I spoke to Trippi on June 7, after a report in City Hall News suggesting he had been hired by Maloney, Trippi told me that he was "in talks" with Maloney about going to work for her as her chief campaign strategist.

On July 1, his firm confirmed it was officially getting paid. Paid Maloney Supporter, Paid Maloney Strategist