Paterson, Late

ALBANY—Gawker reports that David Paterson made an unscheduled appearance late last night/early this morning at a West Side club, where several parties were going on and Funkmaster Flex was making a special deejaying appearance.

I contacted Paterson's press office a couple of hours ago to ask if that sounded right. A spokesman promised to check it out, but I still haven't heard anything back.

Paterson is splitting his time between New York City and Albany today and has no public schedule.

UPDATE: Irina Aleksander gets confirmation:

The club's spokesperson, Elyse Williams, however, has confirmed to the Observer that Mr. Paterson was in fact present. "He was celebrating a birthday," she said. "He seemed like he really enjoyed himself. He had a good time." According to the rep, Mr. Paterson ordered some appetizers and sipped the club's specialty cocktails.

UPDATE: Marissa Shorenstein, Paterson's spokeswoman, confirmed Paterson "attended a friend’s birthday party last night." Paterson, Late