Paterson Vetos $5.7 Million of Spending

ALBANY—David Paterson announced he has vetoed 14 bills, claiming savings to the state of $5.7 million.

Earlier this year, angry at legislators for not introducing his legislation to enact a spending cap, Paterson threatened to veto bills that spent money. Here's a list from the governor's office of his latest victims:

A.1800/S.2210, which could have cost New York City an estimated $162 million by changing the definition of the word "income" as related to the way in which seniors' out-of-pocket medical expenses are treated in the tax code;

A.8103/S.5261-B, which would have provided $5 million in State Lottery Aid to a school district with an unbalanced budget, thereby setting the dangerous precedent of encouraging schools not to balance their budgets and wait for Lottery Aid to bail them out;

A.8864/S.6074, which would have increased costs to the State's student loan program;

A.8694/S.5824, which would have changed the date on which the City of Syracuse could have requested aid money, allowing the city two aid payments in the amount of $10 million for its current fiscal year;

A.8374/S.5073, which would have reduced the power of the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority (BFSA), despite the BFSA's important role in restoring the city's financial health;

A.4166/S.3594, which would have authorized the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) to award $250,000 grants out of its existing funds for shared-use kitchen facilities, though UDC has no way currently to cover this cost;

A.5788/S.2706-A, which would have given the Town of Islip Tax Assessor the ability to change the way in which its property taxes are levied – a power that the Assessor expressly disavowed;

A.6532-B/S.4405-A, which would have obliged the Crime Victims Board to cover transportation costs for basic hearings at which there is no compelling reason for the plaintiff to appear;

A.8515/S.2756, which would have allowed the Highland Falls Central School District to repay State Aid over six years instead of three; and

A.1356A/S.714-A; A.4587-A/S.693; A.4767/S.1796; A.5364-A/S.2230-A; A.7202-A/S.3650-A, which would have allowed local school districts to receive or retain State aid despite the fact that, in each instance, the district violated State bidding or cost reporting requirements.

Paterson Vetos $5.7 Million of Spending