Paterson: We Should Be Focusing on Governance

ALBANY—David Paterson is minimizing the consequences of a meeting of Democratic county chairs and labor leaders yesterday in Kingston.

"There are people who I know who were in the meeting who didn't hear it that way," he said to reporters in Brooklyn, responding to the Post's contention that a "dump-Dave deadline" was set. He said that legislators should be focusing on governance, not politics. (This sounds oddly, albeit weirdly, familiar.) Poll numbers be damned.

"Whenever there is a political event, that is a valid concern. But right now, the real concern legislators should be focused on is that our budget deficit continues to widen, and we have to be in a place where we can balance it or we can find ourselves in a place like California," Paterson said. "If you think about poll numbers or yourself, you start to do the wrong thing."

"A lot of people are voicing concerns when they should be focusing on the fact that this state overspends," he continued, noting that legislators will be called back to Albany in September. "That this state has unfortunately paid more attention to personal interests than the interests of the entire group of people that live here in this state. Any governor who is in office right now, and anyone out there dreaming that they would be governor knows good and well that they will have to be the one that forces the legislature to deal with these problems." Paterson: We Should Be Focusing on Governance