Proenza Schouler Designs … a Magazine! Leather Lass Sevigny Jumpsuits on to Cover

The actress Chloë Sevigny wore a fitted, leather jumpsuit with a silver zipper down the front and red lipstick as she walked into a party for A Magazine Curated By Proenza Schouler at the Soho Mews space on the evening of Monday, July 13. She made a beeline for designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, who had awarded her the cover. 

“I’m trying,” said Ms. Sevigny when the Transom complimented her sartorial confidence. “I feel a little bit like a super-slut superhero.”

“That’s why she’s Chloë Sevigny!” said Mr. Hernandez. 

A Magazine selects artists and designers to guest-edit each of its biannual issues so that the final title—A Magazine Curated By Yohji Yamamoto, A Magazine Curated By Maison Martin Margiela—is always different. The Proenza boys’ version has a forward by Sally Singer, an interview by Ingrid Sischy and fashion spreads of boys dressed as girls and girls dressed as boys. Choosing the cover girl was an almost immediate task.

“We were just very lazy about it so it was just Chloë, that’s it,” said Mr. Hernandez. “We showed up to her house one night with all these materials and scraps of paper and just said, ‘We’re doing this! Will you be on the cover?’”

Ms. Sevigny, of course, agreed.

“The initial concept was to have striped makeup, Veruschka-style, so I went out the night before like all night, because, ‘Oh, it doesn’t matter, they’re just going to paint my face anyway,’” said Ms. Sevigny. “Then I show up and the concept totally changed!” (The end result is a close-up of Ms. Sevigny giving one of her lethargic looks with metallic star stickers dotting her face.)

The hardest part of the process, said Mr. McCollough, was finding advertisers. “We had to oversee everything,” he said.

“They don’t really have a staff when they hand you over the magazine,” said Mr. Hernandez, “They’re just like, ‘Here you go, now do it!’”

Actor Leo Fitzpatrick and artist Nate Lowman were taking turns in the DJ booth as the socialite and philanthropist Lisa Anastos, who had just returned from the Venice Biennale and Paris, came in, curiously lifting up her leg, Rockette-style, for the guests. It seemed to have something to do with the tall, strappy shoes on her feet.

“Have you seen my new shoes?” she demanded. “I am so obsessed with them. They’re Louboutins. They finally came in in my size.”

Turning her attention to the designers, Ms. Anastos chirped, “I love the boys. The boys are divine, the boys are di-vine! 


Proenza Schouler Designs … a Magazine! Leather Lass Sevigny Jumpsuits on to Cover