Puppies and Hot Guys: Carson Kressley was in Heaven

“Puppies, clothes, and cute guys, basically it’s everything I love!” said Carson Kressley, assessing the GQ-Humane Society benefit for the Stop Puppy Mills campaign, held at the Morgan Hotel penthouse on Wednesday, July 22.

TV personality Beth Ostrosky and actors Josh Lucas, Mark Indelicato, and Sara Paxton were all there to examine NSF designer Nick Friedberg’s new line of
bracelets and dog collars for the Humane Society.

Mr. Friedberg, who also designs for Barneys Co-op label, explained why he wanted to get involved with the Humane Society: “It’s just my extreme love of dogs! I’ve got a dog, and he’s, like, my child. He’s such a big part of my life.”

Flat-screen TVs on two floors displayed images of dogs being taken out of puppy mills, fur matted and mournful eyes rivaling any Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial. “Oh, that’s so sad!” said The City’s Erin Lucas, who said she has a cat named Marsellus Wallace. “I named him after the Pulp Fiction character, the big black guy, because he’s a black cat. Except he’s not big at all. He’s like feline-rexic.”

Mr. Kressley had more for the Transom, “I travel so much, but I’m dying to get a dog!” he said. “I’ll have to adopt one soon. I think a little one, because I live in New York. Big boyfriend, little dog. Or vice versa, is my rule of thumb.” Mm-hm! Looking over at the stars of the new Ashton Kutcher–produced CW show, The Beautiful Life, Mr. Kressley further gushed: “There are puppies held by hot guys. It’s like a dream come true!” Nico Tortorella and Ben Hollingsworth were roving around with newly adopted beagle/German shepherd mixes napping on their arms.

“Her name is Stella,” Mr. Hollingsworth told the Transom of his 8-week-old puppy. He talked about the merits of choosing to adopt rather than buy from a breeder or pet store, saying, “if you can take someone home that otherwise would be killed or would have a rough life on the streets, it’s a little more rewarding and it helps the problem instead of to contributing to it.” But is she housebroken? “She gets so close to the PeePee Pads, and I know she’s trying—we just have to get a little bullseye in the middle of it!”

Mr. Tortorella held Mama, Stella’s littermate. “Mama, Big Mama, Mamacita, I’m gonna play around with it,” he said.


Puppies and Hot Guys: Carson Kressley was in Heaven