Quinn on Obama: ‘I’m Not Going to Wait Till the End of Anything’

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn told guests at a June 26 fund-raiser that when she met President Obama, she told him that “I really needed him to do more for the LGBT community.”

“And he said not to worry and that by the end of his term I would be happy with him,” Quinn told everyone.

“He kept saying, ‘Don’t worry. By the end of my term, you’ll be happy.’ Well, it’s not actually about being happy. And I’m not going to wait till the end of anything,” she said.

The fund-raiser was for a march in Washington scheduled for October to highlight LGBT issues. The video was shot by attendee Jon Winkleman, who is active in local gay politics and designed some fun Hillary Clinton posters last year.

Quinn’s comments at the event seem somewhat more forceful in tone than what she’s has said publicly about advancing LGBT causes in Washington and Albany. (In May, Quinn said she was "optimistic" about passing same-sex marriage in Albany, and declined to detail her conversations with lawmakers there.)

At the event, Quinn went on to say:

“And so, I’m happy there’s something we can organize around in October to send a clear message that we’re thrilled that he’s the president and we’re thrilled that Democrats have control of the House and the Senate, but it’s simply not enough. That we did all of that work and had all of that hope and faith to get results. And what we want is results and we want them now and we don’t want to be told any longer that we have to wait. ‘Cause look, in Albany, they said they couldn’t do marriage at the beginning of the session, they had to get other business done. And now, it’s exploded in Albany. If they kept their promise on day one like they said, we wouldn’t be where we are.”

She added, “We’re part of this Congress. We’re part of this Senate,” and “we just want what we were promised.”

The other thing I can’t not mention is Quinn’s crack about the organizers of the Sr. Patrick’s Day Parade, who she’s done battle with on the exclusion of gay marchers from their event: “They can shove it." Quinn on Obama: ‘I’m Not Going to Wait Till the End of Anything’