Reality Bites the Big Time

The news buzz last week was that Randall Pinkett, 2004 winner of the Apprentice, will be the LG choice on the Democratic side. Now if you check out Mr. Pinkett’s website, you’ll understand that “The Apprentice” is certainly not his only credential. He has multiple degrees, has run multiple businesses, and sits on multiple boards. Whether or not that will make NJ say “You’re Hired” or “You’re Fired” remains to be seen. However, if Mr. Pinkett is the LG choice, perhaps Mr. Christie will respond in kind and choose someone from a reality show himself. Will the former U.S. Attorney turn to inside T.V. instead of inside Trenton?

Perhaps he will now have his choice of “Jon” or “Kate” from “Jon & Kate Plus Eight”. However, we’re fairly sure that in these tough economic times at least three of the eight kids will have to be laid off or each of the eight kids will have to take some time off being furloughed.

There is always an actual loser from The Biggest Loser—someone who has not lost much weight. That LG candidate will at least make the usually hefty Christie appear much thinner by comparison.

Christie is know for his very serious demeanor, and could use some lightening up. Perhaps a past contestant from “Last Comic Standing” might be good addition. My good friend comedian Richie Vos is from Season 1, and is from Plainfield, NJ. He may not know public policy, but he knows New Jersey

Also, there are plenty of choices from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” – except of course, Danielle. She’s the cougar from Franklin Lakes who is looking for a rich man to take care of her. That really makes her more of a Corzine person.

Perhaps Christie should turn to the famed star of “The Simple Life,” Paris Hilton. You know, in the past eight years, Christie took down over one hundred men. So, he has at least that in common with Paris.

There’s that other screen siren Kim Kardashian, but her schedule is quite busy. Instead, Christie could pick a star from While You Were Out, which surprises home owners by doing a dream design project within the house, and call his campaign, “Keeping Up with the Hovnanians.”

There’s Simon Cowell himself from American Idol. He always tells it like it is, and is brutally honest. Brutal honesty might be just ticket needed for a successful career in Trenton.

All in all, it’s an exciting time in New Jersey politics, and an exciting time to stay tuned to your television. Don’t touch that dial!

Reality Bites the Big Time