Resolution of no confidence on Vega is rejected

The Jersey City Council just rejected Councilman Steve Fulop’s resolution of no-confidence on City Council President Mariano Vega, who was arrested on corruption charges last week.

Fulop was the only aye vote. The other seven members present, including Vega himself, voted no. One councilwoman, Viola Richardson, did not attend because she is on vacation.

"I just want to say that, while I'm not surprised, I don't think it's in the interest of the city to pretend that this didn't happen last week," said Fulop. "The standards of innocence until proven guilty doesn’t apply to public life that is based on the public trust.”

Before voting, Councilman Peter Brennan said t he thinks Vega and the mayor "have to sit down and talk this thing out" regarding "the best interest of the people of Jersey City."

A member of the audience yelled "Don't we know what's best?"

Brennan then indicated that he was originally going to vote yes, but that the activists persuaded him to vote no.

"By that interruption they just changed my vote. I vote nay… Thank you for being so rude," he said.

Another Fulop resolution that opened the tax abatement committee's meetings up to the public was passed 8-0.

Resolution of no confidence on Vega is rejected