Rosin on Van Pelt’s arrest: ‘apparently the system is working’

Among those nailed in today's historic corruption stingstands a lone Republican – at least at this point -Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt (R-Ocean). (A second assemblyman, L. Harvey Smith (D-Jersey City), has been charged, but not yet arrested).

Van Pelt is charged withaccepting a cash payment of $10,000 from an FBI informantin exchange for trying to fast-track business development in Waretown and the surrounding area.

Hisarrest did not shock Michele Rosin, chair of the local Democratic Party in WAretown, who ran against Van Pelt for the Assemblyand lost in 2007.

"We knew this has been going on," said Rosin. "The things Van Pelt has been involved in as mayor with the redevelopment here are fairly well known. It's a good day for us, because apparently the system is working."

In addition to serving as mayor of Ocean, Van Pelt is thetownship administrator for Lumberton. Rosin on Van Pelt’s arrest: ‘apparently the system is working’