Russo says ‘no comment’ to mayoral run

HOBOKEN – If Mayor Peter Cammarano resigns amid federal corruption charges and Hoboken holds a special election, sourcessay Council President Dawn Zimmer – who lost a runoff election to Cammarano in June -would be the favorite to win.

Councilman Michael Russo, whose own father, Anthony,was jailed in 2004 on corruption charges in connection with his time as mayor from 1993 to 2001, is also another potential candidate for mayor.

The young Russo'sname went into circulationlate Thursday afternoon.

Russo had contemplated a runat the empty mayor's seat earlier this year but backed down when internal polls showed him failing to gain traction beyond the3rd Ward.

He ended up backing 2nd WardCouncilwoman Beth Mason.

Mason's next move could impact Russo but for the moment, contacted by late Thursday, Russo said, "No comment."

Russo says ‘no comment’ to mayoral run