Sarandon’s Shmatte, Chloe’s Fridge Find New Home in Tribeca as Housing Works Expands

Here’s one winner of the Big Bad Recession: Housing Works! The organization, which works to combat AIDS and homelessness, has announced that its Tribeca store, located at 72 Warren Street, will be moving to a new location at 119 Chambers Street on Friday, July 31.


The new store will be four times the size of its current digs. Pictures of the bi-level space show floor-to-ceiling windows with natural light and wood-paneled floors.

How can they swing this?

“Due to the economy, people aren’t going to Bergdorf’s and buying a new dress for $500,” said Christianna Ablahad, a press representative for the charity. “They’re going to come to us and buy a dress from last season for $80.” Ms. Ablahad also chalked up good sales to “the whole being green thing … reusing, repurposing.” Also: “we get a lot of donations from designers and other corporations.”

And, of course, from tons of celebrities. Recently, Bill Clinton dropped off two bags of clothes at Housing Works’ Gramercy location. Sarah Jessica Parker has dropped by recently, too. After the first Tribeca location opened in Feburary, Chloe Sevigny, Susan Sarandon and the lovely ladies from Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York all donated goods.

The Housewives dropped off clothes and shoes, including one “really beautiful vintage beaded jacket,” according to Ms. Ablahad. Ms. Sarandon contributed a zebra-print Max Azria dress. Ms. Sevigny’s donation? A “really cool retro stainless-steel fridge.”

 The new art gallery-cum- thrift store will host an inuagural shopping event on August 25, themed “Hot Days of Summer.” Allure fashion director and Housing Works board member Michael Carl will host.

  Sarandon’s Shmatte, Chloe’s Fridge Find New Home in Tribeca as Housing Works Expands