Sheinkopf Attacks Katz for a Milstein Fund-Raiser

Not for the first time, Hank Sheinkopf is attacking Melinda Katz for what he says is an overly cozy relationship with New York’s landlords and real estate community.

He points to an invitation to a fund-raiser she’s having at the home of Howard Milstein, described alternately as a “real estate magnate” and a “real estate mogul."

Sheinkopf, a spokesman for comptroller candidate David Weprin, said Katz "lives out of the real estate industry" and "that’s where her allegiances lie."

A spokesman for Katz's campaign, Ben Branham, disagreed with the characterization of Milstein as a one-dimensional creature of the real estate world, noting he supports a number of charitable causes.

Branham also said that the wider argument that Katz is beholden to the real estate industry is inaccurate.

He said she's the "only candidate in the race who’s sat across from developers and gotten them to build affordable housing, parks and schools. None of the candidates can say they sat across the table from developers and forced them to create affordable housing and prevailing wage jobs."

Milstein has given money to progressive Democrats, including mayoral candidate Bill Thompson and public advocate candidate Eric Gioia. He's also helping Manhattan D.A. candidate Richard Aborn raise money.

He was also a major supporter of Barack Obama.

Sheinkopf Attacks Katz for a Milstein Fund-Raiser