Source: Allan Jennings Wants His Old Job Back

Candidates for office this year have been filing their petitions in advance of the deadline tomorrow Thursday at midnight (the scene at 32 Broadway at that time is, um, unique).

Among those that have filed, according to a source who watches this sort of thing closely, is Allan Jennings Jr., the former City Councilman from Jamaica, Queens whose tenure was marked by a string of odd behavior and allegations of sexual harassment. He lost his 2005 re-election to his predecessor, Tom White.

This source said Jennings filed petitions yesterday to run for his old Council seat, in the 28th district, currently held by White. Messages left at the city Board of Elections were not immediately returned. Attempts to reach Jennings were not successful.

If Jennings filed petitions, it doesn't necessarily mean he'll be on the ballot to run for office (as Robert Jereski can tell you). But his return to the political arena will probably keep a few reporters busy. Gotham Gazette has a great rundown of Jennings' career highlights, written when he was contemplating a run for state senate last year.

While in office, his wages were garnished for unpaid fines levied by the city Campaign Finance Board. He once threw a piece of metal at a television reporter, and he was accused of sexually harassing female staffers.

Source: Allan Jennings Wants His Old Job Back