That Ain’t Snood

This past season, many designers displayed a new “It” accessory known as the snood. But in fact this accessory isn’t new at all, and this time around, isn’t even necessarily a snood.

The original snood emerged in the 1940s as a practical item for women working in factories: a crocheted hairpiece used to hold their locks back in a bun. They were economical in fabric, demonstrating a commitment to the war effort.

The brand Threeasfour displayed many traditional snoods, reminiscent of something our bubelehs might wear, in their spring 2009 ready-to-wear show, perhaps reflecting that our society is in the worst economic state since the Depression.

But Burberry’s snood, in the company’s basic plaid print, is selling for $300. It is being advertised as “a scarf of sorts” according to Burberry PR representative Andrew Fry. Made out of cashmere and fur, the item is supposed to be loosely draped around your head, unlike the original, snug snood.

Topshop stretched the term even further in their winter 2009 show, with snood-hooded tops and dresses for 90 pounds apiece, or about $150. Not so economical!

That Ain’t Snood