The Council Upgrades Its Web Site

The City Council just upgraded its web site to make it easier to search for legislation, part of a year-long overhaul that was started around the same time they were sued by the New York Times for charging thousands of dollars for that kind of information.

The change is fairly significant and should help nosy reporters, and anyone with access to the internet, get a handle on what actually happens on this side of City Hall.

The new legislative search page is here, and the new calendar page is here.

It’s modeled on what the tech company under contract with the Council, Daystar Computer Systems, did in Milwaukee.

Anyway, here’s the text of the email sent by the Council to staffers announcing the changes:

We are pleased to announce that the Council’s new Legislative website is now available. From our website,, click on ‘Search
Legislation’ (top right) which will take you to the main ‘Legislative Research Center’.

You will be able to conduct comprehensive searches on all types of legislation, including resolutions, introductions, and local laws. You will be able to see all history on each bill, beginning with the date
the legislation was first introduced and assigned to Committee, up to the final action of being enacted, and given a local law number. You will also be able to view attachments associated with the legislation,
including committee reports, hearing transcripts, hearing testimony, and fiscal impact statements.

The new Legislative Research Center also has a new calendar function.

Please check this calendar for the latest hearing schedules.

You will no longer need to use the Legistar application to search for legislation, since all information will now be available on the
website. The new website is actually the web based version of the Legistar application.

If you still prefer to use the Legistar application or if you have any questions related to the new site, please email
( or call (788-####) the helpdesk for the reinstallation of Legistar.

Thank you.

Christopher Lall

Director of Information Technology

The Council Upgrades Its Web Site