The Many Candidates for Miguel Martinez’s Seat

If Miguel Martinez isn't going to run for re-election, the race in his district just got more interesting–six candidates have already been raising money to run against him.

Leading the pack in terms of fund-raising is Ydanis A. Rodriguez, an educator who ran for the seat in 2001. This year, Rodriguez has raised $50,003 and spent $15,594.

In 2001, Rodriguez had the backing of 1199, UNITE HERE, ACORN and the Working Families Party. In a crowded eight-way race, Rodriguez came in third in the Democratic primary. He then ran on the Working Families Party line in the general election, but he and the two other candidates were crushed.

One of Rodriguez's 2001 campaign promises was to “establish amnesty laws for the undocumented.”

Here are the other challengers:

Manny C. Velazquez raised $9,015 and spent $1,154.

Richard Realmuto raised $3,455 and spent $2,330.

Francsca M. Castellanos raised $3,362 and spent $1,806.

Lenny S. Cedano raised $100 and has not spent any money.

And finally there's Luis A. Facundo, who raised $769 and spent $1,225.

The Many Candidates for Miguel Martinez’s Seat