The Marxists are totally in charge

One of the major collectivist goals of the Democrats is nearly complete. With President Obama calling for a so-called public option in his health care reform package, the Democrats' goal of a single payer, universal health care system is on the horizon.

Although President Obama it is not advocating a government run, single-payer system at this time, the Democrats' long-term goal has always been to establish health care as a "right" with the federal government as the only insurer in the nation. Team Obama realizes it cannot achieve its universal healthcare goal in one fell swoop, that's why its strategy is to get to the "Promised Land" incrementally.

One of President Obama's proposals is a surtax on incomes above $280,000 (on individuals) and $350,000 (on couples) to help pay for his healthcare reforms. Team Obama believes taxing some people to benefit other people is just and moral. In other words, Team Obama believes in a fundamental tenet of Marxism, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."

Will the American people allow Team Obama to lead us down the "road to serfdom?" Will enough Americans embrace the most anti-individual, anti-free market, anti-family and anti-private property philosophy-Marxism-to replace the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution as the guiding principles of our nation?

At this time, the jury is still out, even though the American people have allowed the collectivist agenda to go this far over the past century.

For more than one hundred years, America has been transformed into a hybrid society, with elements of both socialism and fascism lumped together under a collectivist umbrella.

Even a cursory examination of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto reveals that several of his infamous ten planks have been either totally adopted or partially embraced by not only Democrats but unfortunately also by Republicans who have claimed to be the defenders of private property, free enterprise and limited government.

For example, Karl Marx called for the nationalization of banking and credit. The Federal Reserve System effectively achieves this goal not to help the common man but for the benefit of the financial elites, who reap untold riches at the expense of lower and middle income families. The Fed's monetary policies redistribute income from seniors, low- and middle-income workers and small entrepreneurs to Wall Street "capitalists" and the nation's political elites who depend upon cheap money to fuel the Welfare-Warfare state.

Yet, virtually all Republicans and Democrats support central banking supposedly to prevent the economy from sinking into a deep depression or experiencing runaway inflation. The truth of the matter is the Federal Reserve is the great destabilizer in our economy, because only it can create money out of thin air, causing unsustainable booms that are always followed by painful busts.

As one of Obama's advisors quipped: "Never let a crisis go to waste." Throughout American history the political elites have used always used a "crisis" to intervene in the economy to increase the power of the federal government at the expense of the general public.

America is in the grips of the greatest financial crisis in history. Federal bailouts are so common, business failures seem to be outlawed. The federal budget deficit may hit $2 trillion this year. The Federal Reserve's printing presses are running nonstop. Unemployment is just under 10%, with double that rate-counting part-time and discouraged workers-gripping several states. Wall Street "capitalists" are being blamed for virtually every economic problem facing the nation, while Team Obama is working in overdrive to create a new New Deal.

Obama, Kennedy, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, and virtually all the Democrats in the president's administration and in Congress are either naïve idealists or shrewd con artists who have sold the public a bill of goods, i.e., collectivism, which supposedly will create a "Kingdom of God on Earth" using the state to redistribute income and wealth. The Marxists are totally in charge