Thompson Aides Recall Bloomberg’s Visions Speech

One day after Michael Bloomberg said he has accomplished 97 percent of what he promised to do in his 2005 campaign, aides to his opponent say that's an exageration, and are reminding peple that Bloomberg said he was seeking to create 250,000 jobs by 2010.

This morning, aides to Democrat Bill Thompson circulated a memo discussing the city's economy. It shows statistics and numbers about how the city's economy has done since Bloomberg took office, and pledges Thompson is making to improve those numbers.

In the memo, it says, "In 2005, Mike Bloomberg promised to create 250,000 jobs."

When asked for more information on that, Thompson aides pointed to an article from The New York Times dated October 13, 2005.

“Mr. Bloomberg discussed his intention to be more involved with Lower Manhattan redevelopment as he announced campaign promises that he said would result in 250,000 new jobs over five years, nearly four times the number created during his first term,” the article said.

The pledge to create 250,000 jobs wasn’t included in the list distributed to reporters at a press conference yesterday.

When asked if Bloomberg promised in 2005 to create 250,000 jobs, City Hall spokesman Stu Loeser said no. Loeser, who worked on that campaign, went on to say that the speech referred to in the article articulated 14 initiatives, of which “10 are done or almost done” and the “4 are launched.”

Bloomberg aide Farrell Sklerov explained further.

In an email, he wrote:

“The Visions Speech mentions a citywide goal of creating 250,000 jobs – It is important to note that, just like our current 400,000 numbers, our 14 promises never added up to 250,000 additional jobs and they never were supposed to. The 250,000 accounts for natural growth in the private sector. The numbers are bolstered by our programs to make the necessary investments to expand opportunity, diversify the economy and prepare for emerging industries. And obviously no one accounted for the worst economic crisis in decades.”

Sklerov also provided the line from Bloomberg’s speech that shows where that 250,000 figure came from.

“With the initiatives we’ve already begun and new ones we will undertake, over the next five years, we’re setting our sights on the goals of creating a record-breaking 250,000 new private sector jobs in all five boroughs, driving New York’s unemployment rate – in all communities – to an all-time low.”

Thompson Aides Recall Bloomberg’s Visions Speech