Time Warner Cable Unveils a New Interface, We Rejoice (Mostly)

If you’re like us, you received quite a treat when you turned on your television last night (or the night before, depending): A new Time Warner Cable interface! Seemingly in the works for a year (and yes, some of you, we know, have had it for a while, depending on where you live and when you signed up for cable) the changes finally rolled out to parts of Queens and Brooklyn yesterday, and include such goodies as: “Start Over,” which allows viewers to restart a program even if they weren’t already recording it in the first place; a new DVR list and cable guide; and easier search options. Woo hoo! Here are our first reactions.

New Doesn’t Necessarily Mean New!

Maybe it’s because we’re slightly OCD, but we just don’t like it when our DVR records anything but new episodes of our favorite shows. So consider our consternation when, while fooling around with the DVR settings last night, we noticed that “new” episodes of Entourage and Weeds were scheduled to be recorded at 10:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. respectively. Did those two shows change nights without our knowledge? Nope! It’s just a silly bug within the Time Warner cable guide that insists on calling those episodes “new.” We can’t wait to catch that “new” episode of Michael and Michael Have Issues on Saturday night. Err. Memo to Time Warner Cable: How hard is it to get this stuff right? Please fix!

Start Over: Yes for reruns of CSI, No for Ghostbusters!

The big-ticket item amongst the new Time Warner features is clearly Start Over. Granted, we’re usually good about recording the shows we want, but it certainly helps to have the option to go back and start something again without having the pressure to schedule it on the DVR. (We imagine this function will eliminate the conflicts that we sometimes have when programs run over to one minute past the hour.) Still, while it’s cool to be able to run back network programming, apparently it’s too hard to do it for all the channels. When we flipped to AMC to find Ghostbusters well into its finale, we weren’t given the option to Start Over. Boo! This isn’t a big deal until you realize that it forced us to watch Ghostbusters II—which aired immediately following the first film—instead.

Our DVR is 37 percent full, what’s yours?

Finally! After spending the better part of four years trying to figure out how much space we had left on our DVR on any given night, Time Warner is able to give us an accurate number. We are no longer slaves to the taunting hourglass on the side of our saved programs! Maybe stockpiling episodes of Entourage isn’t as bad as we initially thought. Time Warner Cable Unveils a New Interface, We Rejoice (Mostly)