Tittel: Corzine is bizarre-o Obama when it comes to the environment

Sierra Club New Jersey Director Jeff Tittel continued his unrelenting assault on Gov. Corzine’s environmental record today.

Just two hours before Obama took the stage at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel to rally the Democratic base for Gov. Corzine, Tittel put out a release calling the governor “Unbama.”

“The Sierra Club, which endorsed President Obama for election and has worked with his administration on many environmental issues, finds the differences between the Obama and Corzine Administration’s striking. In many instances when it comes to the environment they are on opposite sides,” said Tittel, whose organization yesterday issued a mostly negative report on Corzine’s environmental accomplishments.

Tittel said that Obama was working to strengthen environmental regulation and key EPA departments while Corzine was doing the opposite. He also compared the state economic stimulus plan unfavorably to the federal one when it comes to the environment.

“New Jersey is bizarre-o world. We support Obama’s initiatives moving forward environmental protections with sound science and government transparency, but in New Jersey we have the opposite, Corzine is moving backward and undermining those protections,” said Tittel.

Tittel: Corzine is bizarre-o Obama when it comes to the environment