Today on July 20

Hold ‘Em Republicans

Bloomberg’s Critics Explain the White House’s Support of Bloomberg on Schools

The Moon Landing Gets an Upgrade

New York Times Interactive Crew Gets In On the Game: Gauging Your Distraction

Your Open House: Along Jane Jacobs Way

Bank of America Renews Big Lease for Old Merrill Space at 717 Fifth

No Sales Bump (Yet) for Redesigned Newsweek

In Bridgehampton’s Big Polo Tourney, Shirts are More Dazzling Than Celebs

Gerry Howard Signs Mary McCarthy-Biographer Frances Kiernan For Book on Elizabeth Hardwick and Caroline Blackwood

The Week in DVR: We Heart Ted Williams! Plus, a (Good) Comedy on Comedy Central and Christopher Walken Sports a Mustache of Bad

Box Office Breakdown: Harry Potter Wears the Crown, (500) Days of Summer Opens Strong, Brüno Takes a Bath

She’s Just Not That Into You: Surprise! (500) Days of Summer is a Typical Romantic Comedy After All

Today on July 20